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Pet Turf System

Say goodbye to dead grass, mud-spots, holes and hard-to-clean pet messes. Tiger Turf has engineered a product specifically tailored for dogs. With our state-of-the-art synthetic grass, made with soft polyethylene synthetic fiber, your pet will still enjoy all the benefits that real grass has to offer while virtually eliminating all the hard work and labor required to maintain your lawn.

With our “pet proof” turf, your backyard will have lush, green, realistic looking and feeling lawn all year long. Our pet turf will also provide a stain-free environment that is safe for your dog as well as for the whole family. This turf is like no other. Tiger has blended a slit film/monofilament polyethylene with a thatch to create the most durable and beautiful pet turf in the world.

Unlike many other companies, we bring together all the essential elements to create the perfect living oasis for your pet. Our package consists of two products that will ensure a long-lasting and safe environment for your pets.

Labrador laying down on artificial pet grass.
Pet, Family and Safe For The Environment
Close up of pet turf fibers and strands.


Great for small and large pets. Pet Turf is durable, pourous, breathes and looks great.

  • Color: Park Green
  • Yarn Type: Slit Film, Monofilament Polyethylene with
  • Thatch.
  • Face Weight: 74 oz
  • Pile Height: 1.25 in.
Artificial Turf Deodorizers


ATD will help eliminate odor from Synthetic Turf, Putting Green, Rock, Planter Beds, or Real Turf Areas. ATD is perfect for Synthetic Grass. With a onetime application of ATD the ammonia in the pet urine will be significantly reduced.

Pet Fresh Odor Nuetralizer.


Turf Fresh in conjunction with ATD is your compound 1-2 PUNCH SYSTEM! Turf Fresh was created to work side by side with ATD as a periodic maintenance solution to counter bacterial build up in the sub-surface of your turf installation.

Greenway Turf Co. is proud of our Tiger Certification. This ensures that you are purchasing the best products available and working with an exceptional installation company.

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Residential and Commecial

High quality, artificial landscape grass products for residential and commercial applications. We have a wide range of products to fit all scenarios at a great price...

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Fun, Amatuer and Professional

Whether it’s for family fun or your looking to mimick your favorite PGA golf green... Greenway Turf Co. has the right product and the design knowledge to make it happen...

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